The bridge between data

Every company has divided its information between different data sources,

with ConnWare we can independently view all important data in order to give a correct representation of the most important data

Here some examples of our solution

About us

Who are we:

We are a company that filters all your data sources,
and shows the correct and most important data.

Our Future:

Our future is to expand this program to search trough more data sources and to show you more important data and make it more easy to use by customers.

Our clients

We are proud of our clients and their projects. Here are some of our clients.

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Rabobank Direct Connect

In cooperation with Rabobank, ConnWare offers a very handy application especially for organizations that have to process large amounts of transactions automatically.

Together with ConnWare, Rabo Direct Connect offers the possibility to process large amounts of transactions automatically, without manual (no personal) intervention.

Rabo Direct Connect is particularly suitable for you if you can meet one of the following needs:

  • The pursuit of a high degree of automation of payment transactions
  • Want to establish a centralized system infrastructure for the AP / AR process
  • Need for a high level of treasury centralization
  • Optionally want to process high transaction volumes

With the implementation of Rabo Direct Connect, a direct connection is made between your ERP package and / or treasury management system and Rabobank.

Expense claim to ERP

In collaboration with Rydoo we have integrated a declaration app with a financial administration. Where, after approval from the manager, the declarations get their digital follow-up in the company’s ERP system.

Data migration

For various clients we have relevant source data from different sources and data types, migrated in a controlled and validated way and exported to a new format for processing in new systems or replacement of existing closed converters.